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10K Time Trial 2020 Update

Life Balance Sports 10K TT logo

It’s official, it’s definitive, and it’s extremely disappointing that we will not host a live 10K Time Trial this year. We plan to resume the series in 2021. Thank you all for your support throughout this Covid-19 insanity. Ride your bikes, stay safe, and as Bill and Ted so eloquently stated, “Be excellent to each other.”

10K TT: Pandemic Planning 2020

Planning for the 10K TT series this year has been interesting to say the least. In conversations with USA Cycling, early summer racing is unlikely. As in my previous post, we’re still hopeful we’ll race at some point. Once we have the permit we can head to Gardner. I’ll keep you posted here. Also follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the meantime, contact me if you have questions. Keep riding and stay safe!

If you need anything, the usual items are in stock including PR Lotion and SuperFeet insoles. 913-602-0836 or gina@lifebalancesports.com.

10K Time Trial Series: 2020 Edition

Life Balance Sports 10K TT logo

The 2020 season of 10K Time Trial Series is upon us in this crazy, confusing, and somewhat scary time. But have no fear, a series is in the works! As always, I’m working with Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com as the permit sponsor.

We will plan to start the season on June 11th since we are not able to permit a race in May as usual. The flyer will be posted as soon as we can get it approved by USA Cycling.

This year’s 10K TT series schedule:

June 11
July 9
August 13
September 10

Stay tuned for info as it happens. Sign up for alerts to your inbox so you don’t miss a thing. In the meantime ride safe and stay safe.

10K TT Results: July 11th

A perfect summer evening greeted our 10K TT racers for race #3 of 5 in this year’s series. “The Judge” is enjoying his comeback and had the top time tonight. Nice work, Scott!

Remember that you can re-use your bib for all races in this TT series. Safety pins, too. Race bibs were donated by Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing.

Motivation at the turnaround.
Motivation at the turnaround.

Thank you to all of the racers for a fun and competitive event. Thank you to David Anderson for being our holder, Bob Ades for whip and timing back-up, and permit sponsor Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com.


Scott Sifferman12:58
Kyle Brown13:54
Chris Formen14:08
Tom Tice14:38
Mark Thomas14:50
Brendan Sheehan15:06
Justin Evans15:11
Jessica Wilkerson15:13
Alyvia Ahnberg15:14
Sam Swearngin15:23
Ray Farrens15:44
David Conrad15:50
Sam Perkins16:22
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:25
Mike Smithmier16:40
Gene Lamb16:59
Chuck Procner17:02

10K TT Results: June 13th

Tonight’s time trial saw athletes of various disciplines honing skills covering road cycling, triathlon, and cyclocross. This is the glory of the Time Trial, one event serves many purposes.

We had a tie down to the hundredths between Teresa Jarzemkoski and Chuck Procner. Check out their times below.

Thank you to everyone who raced! Thank you to David Conrad for being our holder and sweeper, and to permit sponsor Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com.

See you next month!


Chris Formen14:02
Mark Thomas14:55
Sam Swearngin15:01
Justin Evans15:16
Jessica Wilkerson15:21
Donna Stevens16:17
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:18.35
Chuck Procner16:18.35
Sam Perkins16:32
Kypton O'Neal18:43
Margaret Richards19:44

10K Time Trial: 2019 Series

The TT Flyer is up! We’re back at our favorite course in Gardner for another fantastic season of time trials, training, and fun.

Get all of the details from dates and registration to crossing the finish line by reading the event Flyer, posted on the Events page or this link: https://lifebalancesports.com/events-2/10k-time-trial-series/.

The Mini-Clinic will continue with skills and information you can use. This USAC-sanctioned event is designed for riders of all abilities, beginners and experts alike. Hone your skills and learn some new ones as you test yourself against the clock.

See you on the course!

10K Time Trial Results: June 7th

The sun kicked out the day’s gray skies just as our time trial got underway. We had to drill down to hundredths of a second to break a tie between Sam Swearngin and Craig Henwood. It was Craig by a gnat’s eyelash at .06 ahead. Our sole junior on tonight’s course, Gabe Schmitz, knocked off 2 minutes from last month’s time.

This month’s Mini Clinic focused on beating the heat with tips on nutrition and how to use ice socks.

A few of tonight’s racers are heading to Augusta next week for Masters Road Nationals – Andy Brown, Mike Harrison, and Scott Sifferman. Brian Bradley will be racing Tulsa Tough this Saturday. Best of luck to all of you!

Much appreciation goes out to Mark Thomas at LocalCycling.com for sponsoring the race permit, Stacey Schmitz for being our holder, Gregg Rupp for timing back-up, and Roger Harrison at Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing bib numbers and spray chalk.

Next race: July 12th.


Brian Bradley13:06
Scott Sifferman14:09
Rodney Hopper14:29
Andy Brown14:31
Shari Krepps14:34
Mark Thomas14:43
Chris Formen14:49
Roger Edgar14:54
Craig Henwood15:00.81
Sam Swearngin15:00.95
Lisa Doane15:37
Mike Harrison15:52
Brian Batson16:06
Justin Evans16:13
Jessica Wilkerson16:14
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:18
Chuck Procner16:31
Bud Middleton17:30
Gabe Schmitz21:26Junior

10K Time Trial Results: May 10th

Life Balance Sports 10K TT

A newly surfaced road greeted time trial racers at our season opener. We recruited a new holder so our sponsor could race, Stacey Schmitz did a great job sending riders off at the start. The Mini-Clinic continues with skills and technique you can use to improve your riding.

Remember that you can re-use your race number (and pins) for these races. Chuck Procner brought his bib from last season. Way to recycle, Chuck! Also, you only need one Release Form for the entire season, so if you filled one out last night you’re set for this series. Saving the planet one waiver at a time.

Thank you to Roger Harrison at Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing bib numbers and to race permit sponsor Mark Thomas at LocalCycling.com.

Kent Woermann11:54
Michael Morriss13:39
Tyler Staples13:42
Brian Bradley13:55
Bob Ades14:02
Tom Tice14:36
Mark Thomas14:36
Franklin Segura14:40Junior
Mike Ivancic14:51
Rodney Hopper14:58
Andy Brown14.42
John Pickett15-56
Mike Harrison15:25
Lisa Doane15:37
Justin Evans15:47
Donna Stevens16:19
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:38
Brian Batson16:39
Jessica Wilkerson16:47
Frank Quinlan16:52
Gene Lamb17:51
Chuck Procner18:59
Shelly Milner19:55
Gabe Schmitz23:26Junior

10K Time Trial Season is Here

Life Balance Sports 10K Time Trial

Our first time trial of the season brings us a newly surfaced course. Thursday, May 10th kicks off this year’s series. Build your fitness, test yourself, and tune up for your weekend racing.

For all the details about registering, racing, and everything in between, please read the Race Flyer, posted on the Events page or this link: http://lifebalancesports.com/events-2/10k-time-trial-series/

The Mini-Clinic will continue with skills and information you can use. This USAC sanctioned event is designed for riders of all abilities, beginners and experts alike.

See you on the course!

10K TT Change of Venue

10K Time Trial

Our awesome 10K TT course in Gardner is still under some pretty hefty construction to make it even more awesome, so we will “borrow” the DeSoto course for our final race of the year.

Parking is at Riverfest Park just northwest of DeSoto.

Map it: 33440 W 79th St, DeSoto, KS 66018.

See you there!