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10K Time Trial 2020 Update

Life Balance Sports 10K TT logo

It’s official, it’s definitive, and it’s extremely disappointing that we will not host a live 10K Time Trial this year. We plan to resume the series in 2021. Thank you all for your support throughout this Covid-19 insanity. Ride your bikes, stay safe, and as Bill and Ted so eloquently stated, “Be excellent to each other.”

10K TT Results: August 8th

Mother Nature showed our time trial some love once again by clearing the rain so we could race. Congratulations to Chris Formen who had tonight’s top time. Another congrats goes to Kypton O’Neal who placed 4th at USA Triathlon Youth & Junior National Championships last week. Scott “The Judge” Sifferman, a frequent 10K TT’er, won the silver medal at USA Cycling’s Masters Road National Championships. Way to go guys!

Thank you to David Anderson for being our holder, Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com for our race permit, and Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for supplying our bib numbers.

Next race: September 12th


Chris Formen14:07
Mark Thomas14:43
Jessica Wilkerson14:46
Sarah Davis14:49
Justin Evans15:01
Sam Swearngin15:31
Ray Farrens15:35
Mike Smithmier15:55
Don Herron16:03:71
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:03:93
Sam Perkins16:09
Gene Lamb16:48
Kristine Herron17:02
Kypton O'Neal17:34

10K TT Results: July 11th

A perfect summer evening greeted our 10K TT racers for race #3 of 5 in this year’s series. “The Judge” is enjoying his comeback and had the top time tonight. Nice work, Scott!

Remember that you can re-use your bib for all races in this TT series. Safety pins, too. Race bibs were donated by Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing.

Motivation at the turnaround.
Motivation at the turnaround.

Thank you to all of the racers for a fun and competitive event. Thank you to David Anderson for being our holder, Bob Ades for whip and timing back-up, and permit sponsor Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com.


Scott Sifferman12:58
Kyle Brown13:54
Chris Formen14:08
Tom Tice14:38
Mark Thomas14:50
Brendan Sheehan15:06
Justin Evans15:11
Jessica Wilkerson15:13
Alyvia Ahnberg15:14
Sam Swearngin15:23
Ray Farrens15:44
David Conrad15:50
Sam Perkins16:22
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:25
Mike Smithmier16:40
Gene Lamb16:59
Chuck Procner17:02

10K Time Trial: 2019 Series

The TT Flyer is up! We’re back at our favorite course in Gardner for another fantastic season of time trials, training, and fun.

Get all of the details from dates and registration to crossing the finish line by reading the event Flyer, posted on the Events page or this link: https://lifebalancesports.com/events-2/10k-time-trial-series/.

The Mini-Clinic will continue with skills and information you can use. This USAC-sanctioned event is designed for riders of all abilities, beginners and experts alike. Hone your skills and learn some new ones as you test yourself against the clock.

See you on the course!

10K Time Trial Results: September 13th

The season’s final time trial gave us a good night for negative splits with a nice tailwind to start and challenging headwind on the return leg.

Thank you to Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com for setting up the race permit, Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for supplying the bib numbers, and especially to all of the riders who make this series competitive and fun.



Mark Thomas14:19
Chris Formen14:29
Tom Tice15:15
Sam Swearngin15:16
Jessica Wilkerson15:21
David Conrad15:23
Justin Evans15:27
Donna Stevens15:51
Teresa Jarzemkoski15:54
Mike Smithmier16:05
Chuck Procner16:32

10K Time Trial Results: August 9th

A lot going on at tonight’s time trial from wind and weather changing about every two minutes to various mechanical issues with the bikes. Craig flatted just before the turnaround and Ray threw a chain. On the upside, Lisa Doane and Wes Boyce earned gift cards donated by Foody’s for fastest times, and Mike Smithmier for his awesome comeback. Thank you to Craig Henwood and Foody’s for the prizes. Thank you to Bob Ades for being our holder and helping at the finish line.

Next race: September 13th


Wes Boyce13:47
Chris Formen13:59
Mark Thomas14:21
Lisa Doane15:00
Justin Evans15:08
Robert Florence15:41
Donna Stevens15:45
Greg Curry15:51
Teresa Jarzemkoski15:57
Chuck Procner15:59
Jessica Wilkerson15.17
Gene Lamb16:08
Mike Smithmier16:09
Ray Farrens17:46
Craig HenwoodDNF - Hemi had a blowout.

10K Time Trial Results: July 12

July’s time trial brought out the truly passionate (or questionably sane) as temps were 100+ on the course at start time. Another exciting tie this month had us consulting the decimal points. Mike Harrison edged out Roger Edgar by a ridiculously small fraction of a second.

Racers were treated to prizes from Foody’s, sponsor of 3 Feet Cycling Team. Prizes went to fastest female, male, and junior. Gift card winners were Sarah Davis, Brian Bradley, and Gabe Schmitz. Thank you to Foody’s and Craig Henwood!

Thank you to Stacey Schmitz for being our holder, permit sponsor Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com, and race bib sponsor Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing.

Shout out to 10K “regulars” Andy Brown and Scott Sifferman. We’re all rooting for you both and hope to see you soon!

Next race: August 9th


Brian Bradley13:11
Craig Henwood13:15
Mark Thomas14:30
Rodney Hopper14:41
Chris Formen15:04
Sarah Davis15:09
Mike Harrison15:20.03
Roger Edgar15:20.10
Lisa Doane15:47
Jessica Wilkerson16:17
Sam Swearngin16:33
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:35
Justin Evans16:53
Brian Batson16:55
Greg Curry17:01
Chuck Procner18:01
Gabe Schmitz23:30Junior