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Gina working at a race
Gina working at a race

Unlock Your Body

Soft-tissue manipulation helps restore muscle function and enhance mobility. For athletes this leads to gains in power, balance, flexibility, and overall improved performance.

Unleash your true potential by improving muscle elasticity and fluidity. Increase power, balance, strength, and range of motion to ultimately enhance athletic performance.

Gain Performance Benefits:

  • Schedule a mobility session with Gina. She will assess and mobilize problem areas.
  • Sign up for training with Gina to learn self-mobilization techniques. You will learn effective strategies to work your own muscles, including those in hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Request a team or group clinic in your area presented by Life Balance Sports. Learn skills that will help you improve and retain mobility for your active life.

Need professional bike fitting along with the muscle work? Add Gina’s Bike Fitting expertise to your clinic for a powerful combination of performance boosting elements.

Contact Gina Poertner, CHES at Life Balance Sports to schedule an appointment, training, or group clinic.

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