10K TT Results: June 13th

Tonight’s time trial saw athletes of various disciplines honing skills covering road cycling, triathlon, and cyclocross. This is the glory of the Time Trial, one event serves many purposes.

We had a tie down to the hundredths between Teresa Jarzemkoski and Chuck Procner. Check out their times below.

Thank you to everyone who raced! Thank you to David Conrad for being our holder and sweeper, and to permit sponsor Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com.

See you next month!


Chris Formen14:02
Mark Thomas14:55
Sam Swearngin15:01
Justin Evans15:16
Jessica Wilkerson15:21
Donna Stevens16:17
Teresa Jarzemkoski16:18.35
Chuck Procner16:18.35
Sam Perkins16:32
Kypton O'Neal18:43
Margaret Richards19:44

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