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10K Time Trial Results: April 14th

10K Time Trial

The season opener of the 10K Time Trial was warm, windy, and fun. Thank you to the racers who came out to test themselves. Some had tougher tests than others. George Dias’s cleats were AWOL so he raced in running shoes. Take a look below, he rocked it! Becca Williams ended up with a single gear, no easy task. Kudos!

Tonight’s mini-clinic included pinning a bib number in the correct position, and tips for starting a race with a holder.

Thank you to Mark Thomas of Localcycling.com for being our holder, Chuck Procner and Gregg Rupp for being back-up timers, and Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing the bib numbers.

13:01Alex Hoehn
13:53Bob Ades
14:01Jeff Peters
14:46Andy Brown
14:56Neil Malone
15:00Jon Riekenberg
15:14Sam Swearingen
15:19Brendan Sheehan
15:32John Pickett
16:03Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:16Geroge Dias
16:43Donna Stevens
17:14Kathryn Johnson
17:25Karen Heath
17:29Chris Formen
17:47Terry Knowles
17:58Art Berger
18:25Maia Ades
18:44Becca Williams
22.50Dan Pfeiffer - Junior
23:26Declan O'Brien - Junior

10K Time Trial: Results for July 9th

The forecast for T-storms gave way to a perfect night for a time trial. Thank you to all the riders who made the evening fun and competitive. Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com returned as our holder, and Sarah Anderson as our official. Bib numbers were supplied by Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing. A few of our “regulars” were missed on the course, they are competing this week at the National Senior Games in Minnesota, we wish them the best of luck!

11:57   Alex Hoehn
12:57   Craig Henwood
13:23   Luke Hall  (non-aero Merckx style – nice work!)
13:38   Bob Ades
13:41   Lane Johnson
13:51   Jeff Peters
14:20   Brendan Sheehan
14:22   Jeff Jensen
15:39   Roger Edgar
15:40   Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:06   Donna Stevens
16:08   Jon Koeller
16:27   Gene Lamb
21:30   Seth Wisdom

10K Time Trial: Results for June 12th

Thank you to all who came out to race this month’s TT! Thank you to our holder Mark Thomas, and JoAnn Ketchum for help with timing.

13:00      Vince DeLaughder
14:17      Eric Howser
14:40.49 Reed Nelson
14:40.84 Jay Raupp
14:42      Isaac Jonas
14:53      Andy Brown
15:07      Brendan Sheehan
15:08      Jandle Johnson
15:21      Cole Johnson
15:42      Frank Quinlan
15:56      Teresa Jarzemkoski
15:57      David Conrad
16:10      Becca Williams
16:25      Mike Smithmier
16:27      Roger Edgar
16:37      Gene Lamb
17:04      Art Berger
17:24      Steve DelVecchio
21:18      Isaiah DeLaughder
22:28      Fineas Howser
23:05      Dane Hooks

Photo credit: ©KansasCyclist.com


TNW Tip of the Week: Looking Back to Plan Ahead

Congrats to all who competed at Tulsa Tough and Ironman Kansas 70.3!

Coming off of the weekend races it’s important to reflect on your results. What went well? What didn’t go so well? What can be done to better prepare? The answers to these questions and more will help set your plan for upcoming competition.

Bring your goals, your attitude, and sharpen those skills tomorrow night for the upcoming Tour of KC and Tour of Lawrence races. Only a couple of weeks away!