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10K Time Trial Results: September 14th

Our TT season finale wasn’t quite a 10K, measuring closer to 8.2K (5.1 miles) due to our change in venue. On the upside, the new construction in Gardner will give us a very nice road for next year’s races. A good course at DeSoto, riders also got to see some big pumpkins as that area is known for its squash crops. Fall is coming.

Shout out to Craig Henwood of 3-Feet Cycling and Foody’s Restaurant for the prizes for fastest male and female.

10:54Scott SiffermanWinner of Foody's gift card!
11:29Craig Henwood
11:51Bob Ades
12:00Kevin Tempel
12:24Shari KreppsWinner of Foody's gift card!
12:50Roger Edgar
13:20Teresa Jarzemkoski

Thank you to the riders for making it a fun night. It was a new course for most, presenting an excellent mental challenge prepping for what is usually a very familiar race.

Thank you to Mark Thomas of Localcycling.com for being our holder, Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge for supplying the race bibs, and USAC Official Jeff Englert for providing safety signs.

See you next season!

10K Time Trial Results: June 8th

10K Time Trial

Roadies, cyclocrossers, and triathletes…oh my! Quite a mix of specialties at the time trial course this month.

Time-trialing improves performance across the spectrum of disciplines, so get your TT on no matter your preferred racing style.

Tonight’s mini-clinic covered the importance of properly stabilized feet and the role insoles play in making us fast on the bike. And they keep us healthy!

Pro tip: Not every insole is right for every person. Check out my article on Ironman.com about cycling and running insoles:
“Consider the Insole Before Hitting the Road”

Thank you to everyone who came out to race.
Thank you to Mark Thomas of Localcycling.com for being our holder, Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing the race bibs, and Jeff Englert for providing safety signs.

12:37Kent Woermann
12:46Jim Myers
12:53Scott Sifferman
13:29Damon Duehring
14:03Justin Heizer - Junior
14:11Craig Henwood
14:28Jay Raupp
14:43Chris Formen
15:18Roger Edgar
16:03Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:28Jennifer Piko
17:13Art Berger

TNW Tip of the Week: Your Role in the Race

TNW Tip of the Week

You take your pull and you take your turn behind the pullers, that’s how racing works. Are you remembering your role as you race? Yep, when you’re sitting in, you still have work to do, especially if you’re working as part of a team. Your job is to answer a few questions:

Who is around you?
Can you work with them?
Who is riding strong?
Who is showing signs of fatigue?
What is your plan with your teammates?
Where are your teammates and how are they holding up?
Who is setting up a move?
Are you going to make a move and how will you accomplish it?

This is only the beginning of what you should be thinking about and should all be automatic. There are a few more nearby races including the State Crit Championship races followed by the Gateway Cup in St. Louis over Labor Day Weekend. Bring all of your skills together for these final few weeks and finish the season strong.