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View From the Pace Car

Tour of Lawrence at Haskell Indian Nations University, this is a short clip of the Men’s Masters 40+ and 50+ race.

TNW Tip of the Week: Season Finale

TNW Tip of the Week

Good things come to those who wait…and prepare.

This is the final night of the season for TNW 2014, time to put it all together and focus on this weekend’s Gateway Cup races in St. Louis.

TNW: Changing It Up – New Start Time

TNW Tip of the Week

As we have done in past years and it’s been requested again, the last three nights of TNW will combine A and B groups. Everyone starts at 6:30 p.m., we race until we start running out of sun, about 7:50 p.m. You can start later or finish earlier if you need to, simply register with me and join the race when you get here. Get some extra race time in, and I’ve got a prize to give away!

TNW Tip of the Week: Visualization

Write it down. Visualize correct movement. Practice your visualization.

As you prep for upcoming events, reflect on your recent races. Visualize how the race actually happened. Then, visualize how you would like it to happen. What was the difference? What did you change? As you practice with your brain, your body will follow. Make the mind-body connection and begin to put your new strategies in place at TNW. When you’re rolling up to the line at the next race, focus on your intentions to make your new visions a reality.

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TNW Tip of the Week: Prime Lap

Cyclists racing a criterium

While watching a Pro/1/2 criterium recently, a Cat 3 racer asked me why the lead riders did not sprint for a prime in the middle of the race. Instead, they stayed in the paceline they had formed and continued steadily.

My answer: By sprinting, they would have expended energy that they needed to maintain the lead. The win was the goal, not the primes. Remember the tip about team strategy and working with those around you? This was a perfect example, they were all from different teams. The first rider in that paceline was officially awarded the prime for crossing the finish line first on that lap, but they may have agreed to split it between themselves as an incentive to work together. They maintained their strategy throughout the race, then contested the final sprint at the end.

Does this mean you should never sprint for a prime? Absolutely not. Choose your glory moments but choose them wisely based on your abilities and your ultimate goal. An early sacrifice may pay off bigger in the end.

Tuesday Night Worlds: Next Race July 8th

This is the final scheduled skip week for TNW. We will resume on July 8th and continue through the end of the season.

Congratulations to everyone on these past two weeks of racing on our home turf. I had some good conversations at the races with some of you on goals met and goals in the works. Keep striving! Coach Shadd Smith and I will continue to help you work towards your goals as the season progresses. Recover well and good luck at Sunday’s Truman Cup.

TNW Tip of the Week: Mental Cues

Congrats to everyone who pinned on a bib this past weekend at the Tour of Kansas City. It was good to see so many of you there.

How did your races go? As planned? Would you change your strategy such as how you started, how you moved through the race, how you reacted to other riders’ actions, decisions you made? What were your thoughts during the race? Did you “read” other riders correctly? Were you able to anticipate their movements? Did you make plans to lead and were you able to carry through?

Use these cues at TNW and through the week as you prep for the Tour of Lawrence races.

TNW Tip of the Week: Breaking Away

A quick “Tip of the Week” version of organizing a successful breakaway and what to do if you’re not in it:

Recognize the chance to break from the pack. Also recognize how to create that chance and take the initiative. Then commit. Completely. Any doubt on your part will constitute opportunity on the chase group’s part.

Communicate with your fellow riders. Know how you are going to keep your distance from the pack. Each rider has a role within the break, know your role.

Help the group succeed. Many breaks get reeled in because riders are sitting in instead of contributing to the effort.

Chase Group
Organize yourselves to maintain contact with the break. Again, commitment is key as is communication. Your work is the same as the break’s regarding management and execution. Go get ’em!

TNW Tip of the Week: Looking Back to Plan Ahead

Congrats to all who competed at Tulsa Tough and Ironman Kansas 70.3!

Coming off of the weekend races it’s important to reflect on your results. What went well? What didn’t go so well? What can be done to better prepare? The answers to these questions and more will help set your plan for upcoming competition.

Bring your goals, your attitude, and sharpen those skills tomorrow night for the upcoming Tour of KC and Tour of Lawrence races. Only a couple of weeks away!

TNW Tip of the Week: Team Strategy

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.
~ George S. Halas

As a group, we are making progress each week. By practicing specific techniques during the course of your training, you will better prepare your brain-body connection for making quick decisions and quick responses when needed. Things happen fast in crit racing.

We have three more Tuesdays before the Tour of KC and Tour of Lawrence crit weekends. Local teams are well represented at these events, so let’s focus on team strategy as we head into the area’s biggest races.

Team strategy is an important part of successful crit (and road) racing. Know what your role is and the roles of your teammates. Practice communicating and making your moves whether if be lead-outs, breakaways, blocking, or maintaining position. Practice switching roles if that would be a possibility.

What do you do if you do not have a team member in your race? It’s likely that there are others in the same situation. Talk with them to see if they want to join forces with you. Communication will be more of a priority in this scenario if you have not practiced specific cues with each other.