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10K Time Trial Results: April 13th

10K Time Trial

The season opener Time Trial gave us perfect weather for testing skills. Our races include a mini-clinic each month to cover various skills and tips. Tonight’s topic covered calming techniques to control energy, particularly pre-race.

A few racers competed Merckx style, including our fastest rider of the night, Kyle Sabatini. “Merckx style” means time-trialing on a regular road bike, no aero bars. Way to kick it, Kyle!

Thank you to Mark Thomas for being our holder and race permiter, Roger Harrison for providing the race numbers, and Jeff Englert for providing the safety signs.

13:17Kyle Sabatini
13:59Justin Heizer - Junior
14:00Jay Raupp
14:03Bob Ades
14:04Kevin Tempel
14:05Craig Henwood
14:44Doug Bayer
15:01Mike Ivancic
15:18John Pickett
15:19Chuck Procner
16:12Kathy Johnson
16:43Jennifer Piko
17:07Mike Smithmier
18:08.51Art Berger
18:08.96Gene Lamb

10K Time Trial Results: August 11th

10K Time Trial

Tonight’s Time Trial was a proper August heatwave and we had a few mechanicals to boot. Chris Formen was so fast his Garmin couldn’t keep up, so he went back after it when it fell off his bike. Hannah Goldberg blew a shifter but finished in a single gear like the champ she is. Nice work everyone, thanks for making it a fun night.
Thank you to Mark Thomas of LocalCycling.com for being our holder and Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing the race bibs.

13:13Dennis Weinbeck
13:30Craig Henwood
13:45Damon Duehring
13:51Bob Ades
16:34Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:49Kathy Johnson
17:51Art Berger
20:23Marcos Slobodnic - Junior Racer
21:37Hannah Goldberg - Junior Racer
25:54Lucas Slobodnic - Junior Racer
DNFChris Formen
DNFNathan Goldberg

10K Time Trial Results: April 14th

10K Time Trial

The season opener of the 10K Time Trial was warm, windy, and fun. Thank you to the racers who came out to test themselves. Some had tougher tests than others. George Dias’s cleats were AWOL so he raced in running shoes. Take a look below, he rocked it! Becca Williams ended up with a single gear, no easy task. Kudos!

Tonight’s mini-clinic included pinning a bib number in the correct position, and tips for starting a race with a holder.

Thank you to Mark Thomas of Localcycling.com for being our holder, Chuck Procner and Gregg Rupp for being back-up timers, and Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for providing the bib numbers.

13:01Alex Hoehn
13:53Bob Ades
14:01Jeff Peters
14:46Andy Brown
14:56Neil Malone
15:00Jon Riekenberg
15:14Sam Swearingen
15:19Brendan Sheehan
15:32John Pickett
16:03Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:16Geroge Dias
16:43Donna Stevens
17:14Kathryn Johnson
17:25Karen Heath
17:29Chris Formen
17:47Terry Knowles
17:58Art Berger
18:25Maia Ades
18:44Becca Williams
22.50Dan Pfeiffer - Junior
23:26Declan O'Brien - Junior

TNW Tip of the Week: Cornering

Cyclists racing a criterium

We have a bit of a hot dog turn on our crit course this year, along with a roundabout and fortunately a couple of just plain normal corners. No matter the type of turn, extra traction can be gained by pressing more body weight on the outside pedal as you go through the turn while pressing down on the inside handlebar. Keep your center of gravity low.


Know yourself and what you can handle. Confidence goes a long way in taking you through smoothly and safely. Uncertainty causes tightness in the neck and shoulders, thereby raising the body’s center of gravity and decreasing control of the bike. Choose your line and move through it.

What you do with your eyes is as important as what you do with the bike. Look through the turn rather than at the turn. This line of vision helps in guiding the bike and holding your line. The photo to the right illustrates this line of vision, he’s looking where he wants to go.

Great big NO-NO #1
Speed up just before the corner to swing out wide and dive back to the inside. This is how collar-bones get broken.

Great big NO-NO #2
Slam on the brakes as you enter the turn only to jump on the pedals to regain lost momentum. The riders behind you may not brake fast enough. This is also a massive waste of energy.

Please DO

  • Know your capabilities and anticipate speed before the corner.
  • Watch the riders ahead of you and be ready to respond.
  • Look through the line you want to take.
  • Progress smoothly into and out of each turn.

Once again I have partnered with Shadd Smith of Team Think!Finance to put Life Balance Sports Coaching on the road with you at Tuesday Night Worlds to give you practical application of Tip of the Week. Shadd is an excellent skills technician and race strategist. And he totally kicks tail on a bike. We will be bringing you information and skills instruction each week throughout the year.


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