Bike Fitting

The Ultimate Balance of Body and Bike
Bike Fitting at Life Balance Sports combines mechanical and biomechanical adjustment to help riders get the most out of their bikes as well as their bodies. Increase power output, speed, strength, and flexibility with this comprehensive process.

What goes on during a Bike Fit session?

  • mattmaher tt 17may2012Set aside two full hours for your Bike Fit session.
  • First, you’ll discuss your riding history, style and goals.
  • Your riding position will be analyzed in motion on your bike. The session will include testing with a computerized system and power meter to analyze cadence, heart rate, power, pedal stroke efficiency, and relative right/left leg strength.
  • Joint angles will be measured, and you will be assessed for flexibility and balance of key muscle groups.
  • You will learn techniques to increase your range of motion—the key to power.

1 two-hour Bike Fit Session: $275
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Life Balance Sports brings you and your bike into ideal biomechanical balance to get the most out of your body and your bike.

What athletes are saying about Life Balance Sports:

“After my session with Gina, the saddle was comfortable, my position felt great, and the insoles she put in my shoes were incredibly comfortable! Job well done!” Nathan Ninemire, road racer

“I’m the strongest and happiest I’ve ever been on my bike.” –Anthony Rosales, road racer

“Gina was very instrumental in obtaining my goals. She developed my fitness, confidence, and made sure I was showing up on race day in the best condition possible.” – John Williams, ultra-distance off-road racer. Dirty Kanza 200, 5th place. Top ten finishes at Trans-Iowa and CIRREM.

“Feeling much better on the bike. Two hours working with Gina followed by a whole future of more comfort and speed. Well worth it!” – Dan Pickert, triathlete