Bike Fitting

The Ultimate Balance of Body and Bike.
Bike Fitting at Life Balance Sports combines mechanical and biomechanical adjustment to help riders get the most out of their bikes as well as their bodies. Increase power output, speed, strength, and flexibility with this comprehensive process.

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Soft Tissue Mobility and Trigger Point Therapy

Unlock Your Body.
Mobilizing soft tissue, aka muscles, help to restore muscle function. For athletes, this leads to further gains in power, balance, flexibility, and overall improved performance.

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Flexibility and Strength

Boost Your Performance.
Better performance starts long before you climb onto the saddle. The best athletes devote a lot of attention to flexibility and strength. This individualized program will pinpoint and correct imbalances to improve performance.

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Coaching and Training Programs

Training and Nutrition for Reaching Your Goals
At Life Balance Sports & Wellness we custom design training plans with one-on-one coaching to meet your individual goals. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a “weekend warrior,” Life Balance can help you achieve your unique dreams.

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Litigation Expert Witness

Specializing in bicycle and pedestrian plaintiff and defense cases such as collisions and equipment malfunction. Contact me for information or consultation.