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Tonight’s 10K TT Canceled

Canceling due to lack of road. It is torn up and down to one lane. Not safe and not a good TT test. Thank you to Jennifer Piko for the photo and letting us know. 

10K Time Trial Results: July 13th

10K Time Trial

Course graffiti.

This month’s Time Trial was a race against the storm and every rider won. We skedaddled as the last rider came in just ahead of the rain and lightning. Gotta hand it to junior Justin Hizer who raced with two borrowed wheels, flatting both just before race start. Kent Woermann and Mark Thomas came to the rescue with the bottom half of a bike on a few minutes notice.

Thank you to Mark Thomas of for being our holder, USAC Official Jeff Englert for supplying the race safety signs, and Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for the bib numbers and a DOZEN CANS of spray chalk to decorate the course.

11:56Kent Woermann
12:33Brian Bradley
13:10Craig Henwood
13:28Scott Sifferman
13:36Dennis Weinbeck
13:53Justin Hizer - Junior
14:04Doug Bayer
14:33Andy Brown
14:47Chris Formen
14:58Mike Harrison
15:04Sarah Davis
15:17John Pickett
15:26Tim Bergman
15:28Dan Doughety
16:00Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:28Jennifer Piko
17:53Art Berger

Race Weather Looking Good

Weather looks cooperative for tonight’s race. 

10K Time Trial: Results for September 10th

We lucked out and escaped the thunderstorm for the final Time Trial of 2015. After results were announced, racers received a mini-clinic on the start sprint, cadence, and bike fitting. There was also a random drawing for prizes.

Many thanks to the racers throughout the season for your hard work, support, and involvement. This season has been especially focused on sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Thank You to Mark Thomas of for being our holder all season, to Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Racing for supplying bib numbers and spray chalk, and to Jeff Englert for providing the safety signs.

13:02Damon Duehring
13:20Jeff Peters
13:21Luke Hall
13:30Craig Henwood
15:06Lisa Doane
15:21Teresa Jarzemkoski
16:01Mike Smithmier
16:36Gene Lamb
15:00Bud Middleton
15:23Donna Stevens
15:56Jon Koeller
15:59Becca Williams
14:14David Conrad
15:29Roger Edgar


Gearing up for National Bicycle Summit 2014

Once again I will be attending the National Bicycle Summit, hosted by the League of American Bicyclists. Joining me are fellow KanBikeWalk board members Jeff Koenig and Barry Carroll, and Alan Apel of Kaw Valley Bicycle Club. Advocates from all 50 states will descend on Washington, DC March 3-6.

Our primary charge this year will be asking our U.S. Senators and Representatives to support the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act which requires the U.S. Department of Transportation to set aside a specific performance measure for non-motorized safety as well as motorized safety. Once USDOT sets the measure, states will set their own targets for motorized and non-motorized safety.

The League of American Bicyclists represents bicyclists to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America working through information, advocacy, and promotion. To learn more or join, visit the LAB at