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KC’s Tuesday Night Worlds On Hiatus

By Mark Thomas

Tuesday night racing has been a staple of the metro road scene for many years. Penn Valley, Downtown Airport, Airworld Center, Kansas Commerce Center (Lenexa), Honeywell and an Overland Park Church lot have been host venues for a ‘training’ criterium or circuit.

Alas, 2015 will likely be a year without. Current promoters Mark Thomas of and Gina Poertner of Life Balance Sports have decided to put the event on hiatus until Spring of 2016. Working since last year’s racing at Church of the Resurrection to secure an appropriate venue has not produced a location that offers an optimum event.

Both promoters searched out numerous possible course locations, logging plenty of miles by bike and car. Input by other racers and promoters also produced leads. Unfortunately none of the venues met the fairly substantial requirements to produce a weekly event; course location and length, parking, corner security and cost are key factors.

Some excellent venues where considered, but costs up to $1000 per evening for usage made them prohibitive. A return to Honeywell was considered, but the location was deemed to far from the central cycling population to be sustainable (attendence was often very low).

There are numerous locations that would support a small field ‘show and go’ style event, but the requirements of USAC Insurance and potential liability rule this option out for an organized event.

Mark and Gina are continuing to seek a solution for 2016. Thoughts and suggested venues can be addressed to