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TNW Tip of the Week: Season Finale

TNW Tip of the Week

Good things come to those who wait…and prepare.

This is the final night of the season for TNW 2014, time to put it all together and focus on this weekend’s Gateway Cup races in St. Louis.

TNW Tip of the Week: Sleep and Athletic Performance

Sleep and athletic performance

Thought I’d do something different and share an infographic I came across about sleep and athletic performance. We all know sleep is a good thing. This gives some insight to the level of improvement a good night of shut-eye can afford an athlete. Rest up and race well.

Click to enlarge the graphic.


10K Time Trial: Results for August 14th

The 10K TT got a visit from the Lanterne Rouge himself, Roger Harrison. Roger has been providing our bib numbers for the past four years. Thank you, Roger! You can view his photos from last night’s race and many other races on his Flickr page.

Craig "Hemi" Henwood in 2nd place, Steve "KSU Wildcat" Wathke took the win, and Jeff Peters in 3rd. Great race, guys!

Craig “Hemi” Henwood in 2nd place, Steve “KSU Wildcat” Wathke took the win, and Jeff Peters in 3rd.
Great race, guys!

Mark Thomas of was our holder and Sarah Anderson was our race official. Thanks to everyone for helping and coming out to race!

12:46    Steve Wathke
13:27    Craig Henwood
13:53    Jeff Peters
14:10    Bo Guydosh
14:16    David Conrad
14:18    Andy Brown
14:22    Jay Raupp
14:27    Brendan Sheehan
15:37    Mike Smithmier
15:44    Teresa Jarzemkoski
15:56    Becca Williams
16:10    Alex Stanley
16:15    Gene Lamb
16:41    Art Berger
18:50    Francis Sheehan

Featured image ©Lanterne Rouge/Roger Harrison

TNW: Changing It Up – New Start Time

TNW Tip of the Week

As we have done in past years and it’s been requested again, the last three nights of TNW will combine A and B groups. Everyone starts at 6:30 p.m., we race until we start running out of sun, about 7:50 p.m. You can start later or finish earlier if you need to, simply register with me and join the race when you get here. Get some extra race time in, and I’ve got a prize to give away!

TNW Tip of the Week: Crit Sprint Position

Speed and skills come together to set yourself up for the final sprint. To win, you’ll need to be in the top 3-5 places coming out of the final corner. Unless there is a long finishing straight, the final corner generally determines the outcome. To get into the position you’ll need for the final corner, set-up begins laps earlier.

Remember the work we did on Team Strategy and Your Role in the Race? This is why it matters. Your lead-out riders are key in setting up the final turn. The best teams not only take turns on the front to keep their #1 in position, they cover the space behind to keep other riders off of that wheel. Stay on your #1 wheel and you’ll help your team’s placings by grabbing the #2 or #3 spot as well.

I do want to send out a hefty Thank You to our TNW skills coach, Shadd Smith of Team Think!Finance. He’s done an excellent job of putting these weekly lessons on wheels all season, riding with you and helping you perfect your technique at our Tuesday races. Kudos to all of you who have done the work and made significant gains for yourselves. Ride on!

Photo credit:  Team Think!Finance 2014