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TNW: Skip Week

Remember that due to the extended holiday weekend of racing and cycling events on Monday, this is a scheduled skip week for Tuesday Night Worlds. See you next week (June 2) as we prep for the upcoming Kaw Point Criterium and Tulsa Tough races. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

TNW Tip of the Week: Leg Speed

TNW Tip of the Week

Why is leg speed important? Leg speed, a.k.a. foot turnover is all about efficiency. To go faster with less work is the goal. Obviously a good strength base is needed, much of which is built prior to the meat of your racing season.

A very simple drill is 30 seconds on, 30 second recovery, pedaling as fast as you can in a low gear without bouncing in the saddle. I repeat: Without bouncing in the saddle. Bouncing means your pedal stroke is incorrect which will teach your body (more specifically your nervous system) bad habits that will lead to further problems. So spin as fast as you can while staying smooth and stable. Technique is every bit as important as the drill itself. High-cadence intervals of various durations can be used for continued improvement.

10K Time Trial: Results for May 15th

A cool and sunny evening greeted us for this year’s opener of the 10K TT in Gardner. Thank you to all who came out to race and contribute to the fun. Thank you to Sarah Anderson for officiating and Mark Thomas for holding.

A reminder that the Jesse Blancarte TT is May 25th and raced on the same course. Good luck, everyone!

12.58     Patrick Orrick
13.12     Mark Gyulafia
13.15     Vince DeLaughder
13.53     Bob Ades
13.55     Dean Parker
14.29     Eric Houser
14.37     Lane Johnson
14.58     Kevin Shaffer
15.14     Isaac Jonas
15.16     Reed Nelson
15.41     Cole Johnson
16.04     Teresa Jarzemkoski
16.21     Neil Malone
16.23     Donna Stevens
16.49     Mike Smithmier
16.55     Gene Lamb
17.09     Becca Williams
22.05     Isaiah DeLaughder

TNW Tip of the Week: Building Explosive Power

To build explosive power for the multiple jumps and final sprints of crit races, use hill repeats. Find a hilly route and do two sets of 5-8 repeats. Get out of the saddle and punch it! Incorporate good breathing techniques for these high intensity efforts and for recovery. To build for the final sprint, do a set at the end of a ride to teach your energy delivery system how to bring it in for the win.

10K Time Trial This Thursday

The weather looks great for this Thursday, May 15th for a rescheduling of last week’s rained out race. Get all the details on registration and race times in the Race Flyer.

This is the perfect opportunity to do some final prepping for the upcoming Jesse Blancarte TT on May 25th which is held on the same course.

TNW Tip of the Week: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Water bottle

With warmer weather finally setting in, be sure to stay ahead of the curve on fluids. Adequate fluid intake aids recovery and staves off the dreaded headache and fatigue that can accompany dehydration. Off the bike and on rest days, keep the fluid intake going to catch up and maintain.