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TNW Tip of the Week: New Venue Info

Welcome to Tuesday Night Worlds 2014! We have a new venue and switched up the schedule to help you become better cyclists and strategists as well as have fun with some good competition. Let’s get back into the swing of things with some notes about the course and location. Be sure to read the entire Event Flyer for the rules, map, and information. There are changes from previous years and information that you will need to know.

For last-minute event updates, especially regarding the weather, please check this page or Twitter. My Twitter feed is also located on the right side of the Home page on this site. These are the quickest ways I can update when I am at the course location.

As always, please be respectful of the church and the property since we are guests there. A few reminders:

  • Follow course markings. The course can vary from time to time.
  • We park only in the designated area in the parking lot.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on site.
  • Restroom facilities are in the building directly north of the race  course. Please be respectful while in the building.
  • We must clean up after ourselves: Gel wrappers, water bottles,      etc. Please take your trash with you and keep the course and          parking lot clean.
  • We must follow rules of the road: A portion of the course is on      public access roads. Center line rule will be in effect.

Corner marshals are needed each week. If you can help at any of the races, please contact me.

Race Map
Please park in Lot H. Lots I and J will be used as part of the race course. The church prefers that we enter from the Nall side, there are two entrances that access the race area. The course will be set up each week and may vary. Follow the yellow brick road…er…orange cones.


New Venue for Tuesday Night Worlds

TNW 2014 is on… and we have an off-street venue!

We will be racing in the ancillary parking lots at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood. The connected lots give us options for different course layouts. With minimal traffic we can focus on RACING. There will be one section that is an access road, but traffic should be minimal.

Schedule and updates coming soon.

The 10K Time Trials are also in the works. Watch here for dates. The TT’s will be on the traditional course in Gardner.

Gearing up for National Bicycle Summit 2014

Once again I will be attending the National Bicycle Summit, hosted by the League of American Bicyclists. Joining me are fellow KanBikeWalk board members Jeff Koenig and Barry Carroll, and Alan Apel of Kaw Valley Bicycle Club. Advocates from all 50 states will descend on Washington, DC March 3-6.

Our primary charge this year will be asking our U.S. Senators and Representatives to support the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act which requires the U.S. Department of Transportation to set aside a specific performance measure for non-motorized safety as well as motorized safety. Once USDOT sets the measure, states will set their own targets for motorized and non-motorized safety.

The League of American Bicyclists represents bicyclists to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America working through information, advocacy, and promotion. To learn more or join, visit the LAB at